Let 2015 be the most creative year yet!

Happy 2015 to all and welcome back to another action packed year of music making. Do take some time to make sure your own music making is developing this year as well as your students. Learn a new instrument, join a new group, start a new recording project, compose! Remember – if not now, when?

Noteable Changes

  • We have a new and exciting website. It should be easier to use and looks very nice and shiny. Don’t forget that there are free sample pages of almost all our resources on the website for you to access.
  • We also have a new business model so we now stock only Noteable published resources. This will allow us to focus on giving better service and creating more resources for music teachers.
  • If you are looking for the other resources we used to have then most can be ordered through your local music store. For Deborah Smith – Musicianship & Aural Training please order from www.dsmusic.com.au

 The Power of Enthusiasm

At this time of year a large part of a music teachers  job is recruiting. It might be for ensembles, specific instruments you would like students to play, your music classes, or any number of other things, we spend a lot of our time selling music to people.  It is your love of the topic that you are selling. Your enthusiasm and your excitement about music making makes a huge difference. Sometimes it is possible to spend too much time trying to be cool and imitate students ‘whatever’ kind of attitude.

As the sales representatives for music you are pretty good employees. Music teachers are involved in music making yourselves and you usually teach it because you want to spend your day surrounded by people making music. It sounds obvious to us but it is important to tell our students this. So go forth and be enthusiastic. Students like being around positive people who have a genuine love of their subject.

 Useful links

www.midnightmusic.com.au – Every music teacher’s one-stop-shop for music technology help

www.tesaustralia.com – Lots of music resources to download for free

www.australianmusiccentre.com.au – All about Australian music. Where to get it and study guides.

 Sad Music Joke

Q: How do you fix a brass instrument?

A: With a Tuba glue!

Quote of the Day

“People haven’t always been there for me but music always has”

  • Taylor Swift