Happy 2016!

Well it’s all about social media now, so to celebrate the start of a new year Noteable now has a new Pinterest page! There are boards about all sorts of fun stuff: TED talks, Music games, Free resources, Composition, Teaching performance, Conducting – you name it – It’s on a board!!! Come and have a look. Just remember that it is a work in progress so follow us and check it out often.
Noteable Music on Pinterest

Sad Music Joke
Courtesy of a bassoonist at MYM summer school last week!
Q: How many conductors does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Nobody knows because nobody is ever watching!

Quote of the day
“Do it again on the next verse, and people think you meant it.”
– Chet Atkins

Current blogs:

CHuFD Goals for 2016
It’s that time when we rev ourselves into action and make big plans for the coming year. The aim is to achieve! Or at least have a sense of purpose and not just get buffeted about by the year and lunge from one drama to the next.
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‘Man Spread’ for performance excellence
So we all know what ‘man-spread’ looks like – men taking up too much space. It turns out that this ‘taking up space’  creates a hormonal state perfectly suited to performance……..
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Super Special for February only

Over $840 worth of value for $599.
All 9 of our digital resources complete with student and teacher resource included. Interactive PDF format and ideal for loading onto your school system for students to access. No Licences – send to as many students as you like.  You’ll never have to plan again!!!

Out and about 
Noteable will be out and about at the VCE conference in Melbourne in Feb. Jenny will be presenting a fantastic workshop on Teacher Performance Excellence. Lots of exciting things to learn and friends to catch up on over the weekend.

VCE Conference
27th-28th February in Melbourne