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Introducing our new blog. From now on articles and ideas will be shared with you once a week through our blog. You can access them through the website or facebook. If you don’t want to miss one then sign up under one of the blogs on the website and they will be sent directly to you – one per week.

Current blogs:

Top 5 tips for teaching performance
I love teaching performance but it has taken me a while to nut out exactly what I need to teach. To be honest I used to think it was mostly the instrumental teacher’s job and ..
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The most fun you can have in a music classroom
I love group composition lessons! Not only are they fun for both student and teacher but they have got me out of some sticky situations. Here are some examples (these things never happen to anybody else – do they??) …
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The career backstop

Hopefully you will forgive me for this rant. This is one of those topics that I am passionate about. Music is a hard career. Rewarding – yes, fun – yes, satisfying – most of the time, but..

Resource Bundles!

Our resources now come in ‘Bundles’ so you can get the digital resource and the hard copy. Many people like to have both so they are now of the website. 
Each resource is now available in 3 ways:
– Book
– Digital
– Bundle (book and digital)


Out and about Some fabulous PD opportunities (not to mention social opportunities) are coming up. You can find us at the following awesome conferences coming up this year. Can’t wait!

Sounds Great 2015
15th – 18th July in Melbourne

ASME – Music Educating for Life
30th Sept – 2nd Oct in Adelaide

See you there.


Sad Music Joke

Q: What’s the similarity between a drummer and a philosopher?

A: They both perceive time as an abstract concept.

Quote of the day

“Music is the strongest form of magic.”

– Marilyn Manson