Composition Season

We are having composition season here at Noteable. Our facebook site has been loaded with composition blogs, composition quotes, composition rubrics and composition books! Let’s face it – composition is the ultimate in music making. In the Australian Curriculum composition is one of the three main areas that music students should spend their time doing.

Students should listen, perform and compose’

Unusually for a curriculum document, I agree 100%. I also think that the ideal music curriculum should include all three equally.



Don’t forget we have 2 fantastic composition resources Creating New Stuff and Creating New Stuff 2 available now on our website. Now only $29.00 for hard copy resources. Also available as digital resources.

Composition blogs:

Musical Magic
This is my 3rd article about composition. As you may have guessed I’m pretty keen on using it as a learning tool in the classroom – extremely keen. It is one of the 3 major areas for the Australian curriculum given equal weight with performance and listening. ‘Students will listen, perform and compose’ yay!

My favourite teaching tool – composition
Music teachers often fall into two camps. Ones who teach composition through writing it down, using melodic development and harmonic progressions etc and others who believe in the ‘go wild’ approach where students run off and create. Each team seems to be highly scathing of the other, mostly I find because the other method …..

Continue Reading →The most fun you can have in a music classroom
I love group composition lessons! Not only are they fun for both student and teacher but they have got me out of some sticky situations. Here are some examples (these things never happen to anybody else – do they??) Your school has a new ‘integrated learning’ plan so each subject has to teach the same….

Coming soon for 2017!

Year 7 Australian curriculum.
I am busy writing a full year 7 digital program for the music classroom. Based around the Australian curriculum, it is a comprehensive program of study that ticks all the boxes for you but also is just great fun for your students and covers the essentials for year 7 music classes. It is full of important musical learning but also is engaging as we all know that that junior music needs to hook students in so they want to continue with option music later on in school.

A recent  survey on our Noteable Facebook page asked teachers about the time allocation they had for year 7.  The least we heard was 3 periods a week for 1 term in either year 7 or 8 (eek!), and the most was 5 lessons a fortnight for a full year – yes 100 50 min lessons folks! Absolutely ridiculous that these students are supposed to be in the same place with their learning. The average was about 40 50 min lessons in year 7.

It was fascinating conversation and thanks to all who took part. It was great to get your feedback.

Sad Music Joke
Q: Why are violas larger than violins?
A: They aren’t. Violists heads are smaller.

Quote of the day
“I’ve been imitated so well I’ve heard people copy my mistakes.”― Jimi Hendrix