Australian Curriculum

There are some really exciting opportunities for us as Music teachers in the new
Australian Curriculum document. It places a lot of emphasis on composition.
Composition is one of the big 3 key skills: Listening, composing and performing. Yay!
For some of us, composition has been something that has been touched on but
possibly not embraced while others see composition as being tied up with
technology. Hopefully we can now seize the day and have good fun doing lots of
composition in our classrooms at all levels!
The Benefits of Composition:
  • Musical Development
  • Differentiated learning
  • Problem solving
  • Aural skills
  • Cross curriculum
  • Analysis
  • Creativity
  • Critically combining sounds
  • Independent learning
  • Performance
  • Group work skills
  • Theory skills
  • Critical judgement
  • Demonstration of conventions.
Students creating their own compositions and then asking how to write them down, is
the key to an easy life for us! They can demonstrate new skills they have learnt in
class by including them in composition. This is a highly effective way of teaching the
elements of music. Have a go!

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KMEIA – National conference, Sydney Sept 29 – Oct 2nd
ANBOC (Australian National Band and Orchestra Clinic) September 12- 15 Kew, Melbourne.
MTEC – Music Technology in Education Conference, 3-4 Oct, Vic.