Creating New Stuff – Digital

A wonderful resource for inspiring young composers as they learn to be creative online.


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Creating New Stuff aims to make teaching composition fun for both you and your students. It is packed with topics and composition ideas to really inspire students to be creative. This will get your students creative juices flowing.

The Digital Edition.

Simply send the student resource to your students either the entire book or extract individual pages as you like. Once you have purchased this digital resource you can send it to as many students as you like. This book has been re-worked to make it more effective for 21st century learners using technology in the classroom. Worksheets and forms can be filled in by students and returned to the teacher. It is assumed that students are at a computer or tablet while working so have access to tools for research, music listening, brainstorming and music creation. Students use online tools they find to answer questions, create new music and explore the world of music Рthe very essence of effective use of technology in learning. A guide to assist find software and online sites is included in the teachers book. Highly teacher and student friendly.

Each USB Contains:

* A student edition that can be sent to students iPads or laptops (Interactive PDF format)

* A teacher edition including answers, ideas, extra material, and full student resource.

* The full PDF version of the original book.

Digital Samples:

Teachers Instructions



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