Music Rocks! Primary

A wonderful Primary school listening resource with a range of excellent music examples and fun activities to match. what’s inside…..
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  • Digital $90.00 
    • Interactive teacher resource, student resource. Includes an unlimited licence within your school.


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Lesson plans and activities based around excellent music to develop active listening skills.


  • Fantastic classroom music lessons with a variety of great activities!
  • Complete with CD featuring the original artists.
  • It is based around listening skills that help students learn across the curriculum
  • It is written by a highly experienced music teacher.
  • It has a great selection of pieces from Elton to Ludwig! (Via ABBA!)
  • It has all the facts, answers and interesting features of each piece.
  • The activities and questions arecreative and great fun.
  • It develops active listening skills!
  • Lessons can be adapted for any level of primary student.
  • This book is designed to be photocopied within the classroom

The Digital Edition.

Download your own listening examples from itunes and you are good to go. Simply send the student resource to your students either the entire book or extract individual pages as you like. Once you have purchased this digital resource you can send it to as many students as you like. Students use online tools to answer questions, create new music and explore the world of music – the very essence of effective use of technology in learning. A guide to assist find software and online sites is included in the teachers book. Highly teacher and student friendly.

  • A student edition that can be sent to students iPads or laptops (Interactive PDF format)
  • A teacher edition including answers, ideas, extra material, iTunes links and full student resource.

Sample Pages:

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