Wide-eyed rehearsal s


Starting, running and growing a successful ensemble is a complex business that relies on the balance between a lot of different elements.

This workshop gives participants steps and useful tips to build thriving community or school ensembles. It is never a fast process but there are many things that conductors, heads of music and leaders can do to develop quality in their ensembles and to achieve wide-eyed rehearsals. Playing in an ensemble is what we and students do for fun, so it had better be worthwhile on many levels.


Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Challenging the players,
  • Establishing clear purpose for the ensemble,
  • Concentration and teamwork,
  • What are players really there for?
  • Why will they (wont they) come?
  • The many roles of the conductor
  • Ensemble philosophy
  • Quality through listening and musicianship
  • What’s in a name?
  • Creating traditions
  • Be an expert conductor

Support materials

Click here to see Jenny’s – Powerpoint Presentation

Ensemble Strategy

Click here to see this excellent TED Talk – Itay Telgam 

Click here to read the blog post.  -‘7 steps to growing an ensemble’