Growing an Ensemble

This is a ‘how to’ guide to achieve growth in any ensemble. Based on a true story and many years of trial and error, this workshop builds on the experiences of  The Essendon Symphony which had 14 players in 2008 and is now at 50 and still growing.  It gives participants real steps and useful tips to build a thriving community or school ensemble. This is never a fast process but there are many things that conductors, heads of music and leaders can do to develop the membership and quality of their ensembles.

Some of the topics covered will include: What are they really there for?  Goal setting, Your role, Quality and effects on recruiting, What’s in a name?, Repertoire and performances etc.

Support materials

Click here to see Jenny’s – Powerpoint Presentation

Click here to see this excellent TED Talk – Itay Telgam 

Click here to read the blog post.  -‘7 steps to growing an ensemble’